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Would Highly Recommend

“Mr. Latimer was very professional, competent and compassionate throughout the divorce process. His initial consultation was packed with information and I felt he was very receptive to my concerns. He kept me very well informed as to what to expect through the entire process and was always very prompt and clear in his communication. His approach is not to inflame the opposing party but to work towards a solution in a non-adversarial manner. I am very satisfied with his representation.”

– Peter


“He did Very good job! Everything went smoothly and done right! Thank you very much!”

– Anonymous

Best Lawyer Around

Had two other lawyers for my divorce before I found Brian. All I can say is that I wish I found him first. It would have saved me a lot of aggravation and money. He is definitely aces in my book. Hope I don’t need to, but if I do I will call him first.

May 2024

Outstanding Lawyer!

Thanks to Brian, I kept my house and my kids. He was always responsive and very professional. He kept a cool demeanor at all times but wouldn’t let any nonsense from the other side slide. He would clearly explain legal theory and strategy when I had questions and for these reasons, I highly recommend him.

 April 2024

AMAZING Lawyer!!!

This is my first ever written review, but I felt it was necessary to share the experience I had with Brian and his team. No one wants to go through a divorce, but if you have to go through one, you need to hire Brian! I did and I will never regret it. He came highly recommended by a friend of mine, and he was amazing! He is extremely knowledgeable, caring, approachable, and realistic. He was always available, responsive, and gave me the facts. He is certainly a rarity in the field!

Posted by Diana | September 20, 2023

GREAT representation!

I am out of state and hired Brian and his team to help in a dispute. The communication was excellent. The follow up was “spot on,” and the outcome was perfect. I highly recommend Brian 100%.

Posted by Rich | September 13, 2023

Excellent Attorney

I hired Brian after my first attorney was a complete disaster. Brian quickly came up to speed and provided me with invaluable advice that guided me through a very difficult time. Thanks to Brian and his unique ability to navigate obstacles put in our way, we successfully completed our litigation with a positive outcome.

–  Brienne, January 14, 2023

Excellent Lawyer

“Brian is an Excellent lawyer, when I came to him with my case I had so many questions and mostly concerns. I had seen other attorneys before and none of them were optimistic and positive about my case. With Brian, he completely analyzed my case, he took into consideration every outcome and he explained everything to me with all the details. He made me feel very comfortable about my case and I had a very positive outcome at the end. In addition to that, he is extremely knowledgeable and he knows all of your rights and he will fight for them. I highly recommend Brian to anyone who’s in need of a strong attorney.”

– Renata, August 12, 2022

Top Notch Attorney

“Brian is a terrific attorney. He is extremely well versed in matrimonial/family law and is always accessible to his client. I have used Brian on several occasions and I would highly recommend his services for anyone in need of a matrimonial/family law attorney.”

– Phillip, August 11, 2022

More Than Just An Attorney

“I’ve never been in any legal trouble before and he walked me thru the process very nicely. All the lawyer fees were manageable and fair. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a good attorney. “

– Anonymous, May 20, 2022

Excellent Divorce Attorney

“Brian Latimer represented me in two separate post divorce cases. Brian and his team were extremely professional, competent and compassionate throughout the process. His initial consultation was packed with information and I felt he was very open to listening to my concerns. He kept me very well informed as to what to expect throughout the entire process and was always very prompt and clear in his communications. His approach is not to inflame the opposing party but to work towards a solution in a non-adversarial manner. I am extremely satisfied with his representation and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs help navigating through the divorce process.”

– Joe, April 21, 2022

Great Attorney

“I hired Brian Latimer to represent me in my divorce. It turned out to be a very long, drawn out process due to my difficult ex. Brian was a star. Held my hand thru the entire process, answered all my calls and questions, was there for me and my family every step of the way.”

– Anonymous, April 2, 2021

Efficient And Effective

“I hired Brian Lattimer for my post divorce case. Upon meeting with him I decided he was the best for my particular case. He was thoroughly knowledgeable with NJ cohabitation law and the specifics of my situation. Very efficient and negotiated a reasonable conclusion. He was positive and made me feel secure that winning was the only option. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a divorce or post divorce case. Thanks Brian for all your help through a difficult process.”

– Julie, June 16, 2021

Lawyer That Knows How To Win

“I had a consultation with Brian and hired him on the spot. He was secure in his job knowledge with respect to my matrimonial case and made thoughtful determinations after carefully listening to my scenario. He then was able to offer considered alternatives as to how we would proceed. I then felt empowered and confident that we had a carefully deliberated and developed strategic plan that would best benefit me and produce a postive outcome for my case with the least amount of discord; which was my desired objective. I was very happy with his calm demeanor, knowledgeable perspectives and no nonscence approach to matrimonial law. I found Brian to have an exceptional ability to quickly and accurately assess the facts of my case in order to implement measures that would achieve my goals with limited confrontation in order to win my case. I would definitely utilize his services again if looking for a competent lawyer that knows how to win with the least amount of stress!”

– Anonymous, March 11, 2021

Stellar Attorney

“I had the pleasure of hiring Mr. Latimer as my attorney. Mr. Latimer was recommended to me by another attorney. Mr. Latimer’s knowledge of the law is noteworthy. In fact, his confidence is very reassuring. I knew that I was in excellent hands. His paralegal Kristina’s knowledge and professionalism are impressive. They both were excellent in handling my case. Mostly, I would like to recognize Mr. Latimer’s kindness toward me. His care and concern for me will not be forgotten. He and Kristina have my highest regard and recommendation.”

– Claudia, November 24, 2020

I Highly Recommend

“Brian is an excellent divorce attorney and I would highly recommend him. He helped me see things from a totally different perspective. Where I envisioned my divorce to be and where we ended up were from his hard work and ideas. He is very responsive and knowledgeable.”

– Kathy, April 28, 2020

Very Knowledable

“Brian was very knowledgeable, responsive and efficient with my divorce. I would definitely recommend him.”

– Devin, June 27, 2019

Divorce Can Be Ugly

“Divorce can be ugly, but it want an experienced, compassionate professional on your side, Brian Latimer is your attorney. He guides you through the complexity of the process in the most professional manner possible. I was grateful for his expertise, guidance, wisdom and professionalism.”

– Lena Macaluso

Knowledge And Expertise Were Exceptional

“Brian represented me several times, post divorce, and if I had him representing me for the divorce, I am confident there would not have been any need for post-divorce proceedings. He went above and beyond what any previous attorney had done for me. Brian’s goal was to reach a resolution that would be best for me, and he was able to accomplish that. I greatly appreciated the time and effort that he put into my case for the court, as well as the information and explanations regarding certain aspects of divorce and family law that I had not previously been made aware of. I highly recommend Brian because his knowledge and expertise were exceptional.”

– Maureen, May 14, 2019

Excellent Attorney And Human

“Brian has worked with me for nearly 20 years on various family law issues. He is an excellent attorney and I recommend him highly. He is responsive and always returned my calls or emails within hours if not minutes. He is fair, well-versed in NJ family law, and always looked out for my (and my children’s) best interests as his client within the law. He explains the law clearly and thoughtfully and was spot on with his advice. In court, he is confident and passionate in arguing for his client. I am fairly sure the opposing parties in my cases are not quite as fond of him as I am, LOL.”

– Janet, April 16, 2019

I Would Recommend Brain Latimer At Any Time Without Hesitation Or Reservation

“I have known Brian for over 20 years, when I was first referred to him as an attorney to represent me in a messy divorce case. From the very beginning of the grueling process I felt that he was not only my attorney, but a friend as well. He listened to me and prioritized what would be in the best interests of me and my children, while also being completely honest about what was realistic, and what was going to be hard to achieve. He would even use his personal time to make sure that my children and I were doing well. He also was honest, and upfront, about his costs, and was thorough and exceptional in his understanding of the law.

What makes Brian an exceptional attorney is his Professionalism, Compassion, and Commitment, combined with a deep personal interest in your case, which leads to the most professional and successful results.

He always kept the best interests of me and my children in mind, and geared his advice toward this every step of the way. After 20 years we still keep in touch, exchanging Holiday greetings and keeping up with news about our families and kids.

I would recommend Brain Latimer at any time without hesitation or reservation.”

– Ewa, January 8, 2018

Compassionate Advocate

“Mr. Lattimer was sensitive to the emotional impact of my divorce. he clearly articulated the issues and timely responded to all inquires. I always felt that my interests were paramount and he ensured that each stage of the proceedings moved forward in an expedient manner. I am grateful to have had Mr. Lattimer represent me during a very difficult time in my life.”

– Anonymous, July 28, 2018

Professionalism With Compassion And Commitment

“I have to say that going through a divorce was by far the hardest and most painful obstacle I have ever had to face thus far in life.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without the compassion, devotion and professional expertise exercised by Mr.Latimer throughout the entire process. Communication was always available, open and easy.

At the end of the long stressful, arduous road I felt extremely well represented by Brain and feel as if I gained a compassionate friend through the process on top of feeling very well represented. I couldn’t thank them enough….”

– Nuno, October 26, 2017

Dedicated Divorce Attorney

“Brian Latimer is thorough, knowledgeable, and takes a personal interest in your case resulting in the most professional and successful results. After working in a large firm, Brian’s contacts for all aspects; children’s welfare, forensic accountant, property valuation, can assure a fair and just settlement even when the advisary is difficult. He is well respected throughout the family court system.”

– Francee, October 25, 2017

Excellent Attorney

“Brian Latimer is an excellent attorney. He represented my interests in a highly contentious divorce. He was thorough and exceptional in his understanding of the law and I was more than satisfied with the outcome. I recommend Mr. Latimer without hesitation or reservation.”

– Barbara, October 17, 2017

Divorce Is Really Hard, Trusting Your Attorney Helps Lessen The Pain

“I came to Brian with a really messed up case. I had originally signed with a different attorney, someone who was supposed to be “the best” in my county. I had a domestic violence situation going on, and after my first court case, I knew I was with the wrong attorney – and I needed someone good; fast. I found my way to Brian, and from our initial meeting, I felt comfortable. He listened to me – what I wanted out of my divorce – and he was completely honest with what was reachable, what was going to be hard to achieve – and what was going to take a miracle. He also was honest, and upfront, about his costs. There were no hidden fees and as we moved along, Brian really tried to use the dollars I had on retainer in the smartest ways. By the time we were done, Brian had my financials in a safe state (which was far from the case that I brought to him) and he really had my back throughout the rest of my case. He tried to lessen the pain of this grueling process, while fighting his best to get the results I wanted. I would use him again in a minute.”

– Joanne, March 6, 2017

Professional And Informative

“Mr. Latimer is a professional experienced divorce attorney. He handled my case with expertise and was honest with the possible outcomes . Divorce lawyers are expensive. He was upfront with fees and billing from the beginning. My children and I were always in his best interest and his advice was geared toward this. So I have nothing but thanks for Mr. Latimer and his assistant for making a terrible situation as uncomplicated as it could be.”

– Anonymous, January 31, 2017

Want The Best? Look No Further

“Divorce is never easy but Brian was fabulous. He walked me through this very difficult time with professionalism, knowledge, compassion and understanding. He was very quick to respond, and actually made me feel as if I were his only client.

Brian was always patient listening to my concerns and making sure I understood when explaining the status, details and developments during each stage of my divorce.

He was wonderful. I highly recommend him.

I have referred several friends to Brian when they were going through the same difficulty and heard nothing but compliments about him as well.”

– Nanci, February 9, 2017

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